JuniJazz og LindySeilas 2018


Jazz Festival in Oslo!

Welcome to a blossoming Oslo, 2nd and 3rd of June, for the annual jazz festival, JuniJazz! The lovely Minou Ericson (SE), along with our very own Christopher Martinsen Mowe (NO) and Ane Johansen Heggernes (NO) will be teaching jazz for all levels. There will be a dance party on Saturday night, with music of all dance styles (lindy, boogie, balboa, shag and of course, jazz!). Sunday evening we set sail on the Oslo fjord with the sailboat “Helena”. On board we promise live music, dancing, and a lovely shrimp buffet. It’s possible to sign up for only jazz classes (JuniJazz), the sailboat event (LindySeilas) or the Saturday party. But we hope you will sign up for everything we offer!

Registration opens April the 1st!

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Last years schedule


In the registration form you sign up for a certain level, but it is not binding. We simply want an idea of the class sizes. The level descriptions indicate the difficulty of the class, but you are welcome to join any class you want!
If you are eager to learn your first jazz moves ever this is your track! Some experience with swing dancing or solo dance is recommended but not necessary. This class teaches basic steps, and simple variations and styling and maybe a routine. If you are planning to take or just took Jazz 1 at Bårdar we recommend this!
You are familiar with a variety of the basic jazz steps. You know some solo dance and want to work with your technique. You are eager to get a wider vocabulary and a bigger confidence in how to solo dance to jazz music. If you are planning to take or just took Jazz 2 at Bårdar we recommend this!
You should know and be confident with a variety of different jazz steps. Learning new steps and putting them in a sequence is not a problem. Your understanding of the music now makes it easy for you to put your own flavor and personality into the dance in terms of movements and rhythm. If you are planning to take or just took Jazz 3 at Bårdar we recommend this!


On Saturday, the classes and party will be at Bygdelagssamskipnaden (BLS) i Nordahl Bruns gate 22.

On Sunday, the classes will be at Bårdar danseinstitutt i Rosenkrantz’ gate 22

LindySeilas – sail trip – starts and ends at Aker Brygge.


  • Only LindySelias on Sunday (boat trip with live music and a shrimp buffet) 500 NOK
  • Only Junijazz-classes on Saturday and Sunday 500 NOK
  • Only party on Saturday 150 NOk
  • Full package (everything above) 950 NOK


  • Minou Ericson (SE)
  • Christopher Martinsen Mowe (NO)
  • Ane Johansen Heggernes (NO)

More information to come

The band

Certain members of the Shoeshine Boys will be joining us at the LindySeilas!

The Shoeshine Quartet
Shoeshine Quartet is the quartet crew of Shoeshine Boys, a young jazz band from Oslo established in 2008. The band plays New Orleans-based traditional jazz, swing and rythm & blues. With their high levels of energy and their playfulness, they have been well-known in the tradition jazz community in Oslo, and regularly perform at various jazz and dance events in Norway. Among other things, the band has been playing at the Lindy Hop festival Winter Jump for several consecutive years.


  • Lasse Lømo Ellingsen – trumpet / vocals
  • Sondre Dyb Berg – piano
  • Magnus Tveten – bass
  • Knut Rand – Drums

More information to come

JuniJazz committee

We are three fanatic dancers and we wish to make this festival awesome for you!

Do you have any questions? Get in touch with one of us; Kristoffer, Sirin or Tonje.

Now that you know what we look like, you can contact us when you pass us in the hallway. If you are not a fan of human contact we can recommend facebook, email, telephone, carrier pigeon, smoke signals or telegram.

Facebook: Click here for the facebook event.

Email: junijazz@bardarswingclub.no

Phone numbers:

  • Kristoffer: 469 65 669
  • Sirin: 950 166 80
  • Tonje: 452 06 822

Carrier pigeon:

His name is Carl, he answers to sounds like “coo coo”, and likes dry bread!

PS: we are always looking for happy volunteers to help us during the event, so please contact us if you wish to contribute with something like cakes, door guarding, photography, music or maybe a show!